Housing and Living Conditions in Bosnia / HOLICOB

Housing and Living Conditions in Bosnia / HOLICOB

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  • To contribute to long term strategic work for housing and living conditions for people in Tuzla and Sarajevo
  • To give new perspectives on the subjects by using the competence of CSOs
  • To give strong input to the debate
  • To involve young people to be active in the process

PROJECT IS FINANCED BY THE OLOF PALME CENTER, in the period from June 2014- December 2015. International project coordinator is the Swedish Union of Tenants, Aros-Gävle region.
Coordinating CSO in Bosnia is newly established CSO, Center to Support Organizations in Tuzla. Project partners are CSOs in Tuzla and Sarajevo.


  • Cultural, social and financial knowledge from housing and living conditions in Bosnia
  • Expert side by side-parallel work, both in Sweden and B&H
  • Exchange knowledge between young people of Sweden and B&H, on housing and living conditions
  • ”Advisory board” on Internet, for innovative and creative way of using social media
  • Long term strategies for housing